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    In 2007, Bank took a big leap in International financial arena by opening a branch in Antwerp, Belgium (City known as diamond city). The city is known for diamond trade business.

    The Antwerp branch operations concentrate on corporate clients of diamond business. The activities of BOI Antwerp are governed by the corporate policies of BOI from its group headquarters in India. Chief Executive European branches based in London also monitor and provides support to branch. Group headquarters issue policy guidelines to overseas branches including BOI Antwerp, incorporating strategies for business focus every year. BOI Antwerp then formulates its action plans in alignment with the corporate goals and strategies defined by BOI headquarters. The following activities have been identified presently for profitable development of BOI Antwerp business:

    • Customer Deposits
    • Loans to local diamond corporates
    • Syndicate Loans
    • Trade Finance
    • Forex operations

    BOI Antwerp is headed by Deputy General Manager, designated as the Manager and assisted by a team of professionals based at BOI Antwerp